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    86 Steppergear reducer 90 degree is used with 86 stepping motors, can achieve 90 degree effective transmission and greatly increase the flexibility of the equipment. The output dimension of the installation dimension machine can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. The gear has high precision, small clearance, high transmission efficiency and can meet the customer’s needs. Our customers often use this reducer in design schemes to optimize the overall scheme. If you have any questions about the size of the reducer, you can contact us, and professional engineers will communicate with you to solve the problem for you.
    1.Bomai focused on the motion control industry for 6 years,with several expert.
    2.With own independent brand BOMAI and own Research and Development ability.
    3.Provide OEM & ODM services.
    4.With more than 10 years of experience in production and have a group of industrial engineers.
    5.The fuselage is made of aluminium shell with light weight and high strength.
    6.Small size, easy to pack and transport.
    7.High gear accuracy, small clearance and high transmission efficiency.
    8.Short lead time and high production efficiency.
    9.Factory Direct Selling, Guarantee Quality.
    10.Various speed ratios are available to support special customization.
    11.High Torque and Low Noise.
    number of stage1 Stage2 Stage3 Stage
    Speed Ratio3/4/5/610/12/16/20/24/30/3652.8/64/96/144/216
    Rated load(NM)305060
    Maximum load(NM)5080100
    full load efficiency%959085
    Rated input speed(RPM)≤3000≤3000≤3000
    degree of protection(IP)656565
    running noise(DB)≤60≤60≤60
    lubrication typeGrease lubricationGrease lubricationGrease lubrication
    mounting typeflangeflangeflangeStepper Gear Reducer 90 Degree


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