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    Class 3 safety vests permit optimum conspicuity and visibility for persons exposed to high vehicle speeds and / or reduced sight distances. The wearer must be able to be seen through a full range of body movements at a minimum distance of 1280 feet and must identifiable as a person. Examples of people who would use ENISO20471 Class 3 safety vests may include flaggers, road construction crews, DOT crews, utility workers, survey crews. airport ground crews, law enforcement, railway workers, school crossing guards and toll gate personnel among others who need to follow Safety Standards.
    100% poly knitted tricot fabric
    2″ wide reflective stripes both front and back
    Long sleeve
    Can pass EN ISO 20471, ANSI107, AS/NZS certification
    LANXIANG is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of class 3 solid fabric reflective safety vest. If you’re satisfied with our cheap products, welcome to contact our factory, and the customized orders are also available.Class 3 Safety Vests manufacturers


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